Estimating Conference? For Software? But we’re a construction company?

Estimating Conference?  For Software?  But we’re a construction company?

Starring at the US Airways website and the Budget rental car pages earlier this week I wondered that myself.  I will be in Tunica, MS the first week of August for the annual MC2-ICE users’ conference.  Sometimes as we are caught up in the minutiae, all be it, important minutiae of running a successful company, office or department.   It comes back to the age-old saying, “you can’t see the forest through the trees”.  In estimating or pre construction we get caught up on getting bids done and have the pressures of if we don’t get them done we won’t have any work.  In today’s economies, it is even more apparent this is true.  However, we must stop and evaluate from time to time the process and how can we be better?  Sometimes it is hard to spend those days to evaluate and change because we don’t allow for the foresight to guide us to the possibilities.

Well that is a conference.  It is a time for foresight and vision.  As a pre construction leader, you need to stop and have a vision.  You are the project manager of the front end of the business, thus we need to treat it the same way and plan.

I thought of this after I finished my notes of what I will be talking about at the conference.  At just this, one-conference new topics of coverage include a mix of How To’s and Specific Best Practices.  Think of the time saved and process streamlining a best practices seminar could improve your company?  By taking a few days and let us see how to do it better.  Yes Better.

I personally will be talking about Introduction to Digital Takeoff, a quick look at how to get started using PDF and TIF on prints to see the project and save time and money.  Others include in depth discussions of how PlanSwift and OST are integrated into ICE, streamlining the takeoff and estimating processes.  BIM and Innovaya will be discussed and best practices will be shown, examples from actual customers given, this is the future of estimating.  This is why a simple conference can be so much more.

Lastly looking at the attendees is a who’s who of the ENR top 100 contractors list.  Where else can you learn and network?  So make a note to yourself to try to make it out to one of these events.  They will make a measureable difference in your business if you provide the foresight to lead.

Click the contact page and message me if you’d like any more info about other conferences or to chat about Pre Construction technology.

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