Estimating Conference? For Software? But we’re a construction company?

Estimating Conference?  For Software?  But we’re a construction company? Starring at the US Airways website and the Budget rental car pages earlier this week I wondered that myself.  I will be in Tunica, MS the first week of August for the annual MC2-ICE users’ conference.  Sometimes as we are caught up in the minutiae, all be it, important minutiae of running a successful company,...

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Estimating Technologist? Estimating Software Optimizer

Estimating Technologist My new term is Estimating Technologist.  I heard it from a consultant friend of mine and I’m officially stealing it here.  Working with customers all around the world we’ve both noted the lake of respect for the estimating process by estimators no less!  As you think of making an investment for advancing your company let us not neglect the process.  Modern...

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Estimating Technology – software for estimating, takeoff, and more

Estimating Technology What’s the big deal?  We’ve made money for years using Excel. Yes you have and that’s why you can afford new technology now and why you can’t afford not to.  Technology for the construction estimator is rolling forward and it’s not braking for you and the family business that has been building great buildings for the greater (insert your town) area for 50...

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