Estimating Technologist? Estimating Software Optimizer

Estimating Technologist

My new term is Estimating Technologist.  I heard it from a consultant friend of mine and I’m officially stealing it here.  Working with customers all around the world we’ve both noted the lake of respect for the estimating process by estimators no less!  As you think of making an investment for advancing your company let us not neglect the process.  Modern estimating and takeoff software deserves that respect.  The know-how that has made you successful and a leader in your market is not available out of the box.  We can try and try but we need to get your expertise into the machine.  The quicker we come to that conclusion the faster you’re going to rule the world.


Technology + Technologist = Success.  The secret to implementing a new technology first is the technology.  Make sure when you pick an estimating software that it can meet your needs.  Saving a buck here will cost you in frustrations in the long run.  The worse feeling in the world is I could have.  Remember raging bull?  “I coulda been a contenda!”   That is what will happen if you buy just any software you come across online or for a cold call.  Make sure you look at the possibilities.  Start to finish how can it be tweaked and polished and massaged into the dynamic stallion you need to ride to the front of the pack.  Great examples of these capable components are MC2- ICE  especially when paired with PlanSwift or OnCenters On Screen Takeoff (OST).

The Technologist is the trainer of that stallion.  Think about the Kentucky Derby, who gets so much of the credit?  Yes the jockey, that’s you, but who got the horse ready to run?  The trainer does or in this case the estimating technologist.  Estimating technology needs someone to teach it how to canter and trot and the run like nobody’s business.

This business then will be your success.  Don’t neglect the parts of your success formula.  As I’ve trained and helped people around the world, they always want to run with it when we need to ramp up the canter first.  Estimating success and accuracy leads to profitable jobs and success.

I know this is over the top but someone needed to give it the hype estimating needs!  Let’s talk about how to get the complete package.  Contact me for tips and ideas.  Leave a comment whatever you’d like.

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