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Estimating Technology

What’s the big deal?  We’ve made money for years using Excel. Yes you have and that’s why you can afford new technology now and why you can’t afford not to.  Technology for the construction estimator is rolling forward and it’s not braking for you and the family business that has been building great buildings for the greater (insert your town) area for 50 years.  Well in the past 50 years things have changed.  Fifty years ago did you print our own plans that didn’t smell like ammonia? Thirty years ago did have cell phones or the ability to submit bids via email?  Twenty years ago did have DWFs?  That’s right we’re at another turning point.  Now can you imagine a project manager without a cell phone or being able to download plans from an FTP site or bid room?  No?  Me neither.  So why are you working on a product that has advanced some but is minimally better than a 123 file from 20 years ago?  Where’s the Audit trail?  Where’s the dynamic takeoff quantifying?  Exactly, you need new technology, estimating software, digital takeoff programs, project management software all are necessary investments you need to make right now.

Technology is out there to help you not confuse you.  That’s what the problem is, comfort.  My wife put a quote on the mirror of my car that says “successful people do what unsuccessful people won’t”.  Doesn’t that say it?  As you were coming up you worked the extra hours, tried harder, and worked smarter?  That hustle and drive put you were you are now.  Let’s renew that spirit with new technology.  How can you take your company, your division to the next level, leave a legacy?  By being the revolutionary leader.  Technology will be the “shot heard ‘round the world” in your company.

Making the move to the latest technology will make manifest gains in many areas.  First and foremost it will enable you to put out more bids, and more bids mean more jobs and more jobs means more money.  Even in a down economy.  In this economy maybe you need to put out  or 25 bids to get one job?  Well then even at that closing rate, if I can show you the technology that will help you put out 2,3,4 times the bids in the same amount of time, without adding to your overhead.  Then that’s just by simple math, 2,3,4 times the revenues!  That’s making money, versus breaking even, versus losing money, versus eventually closing your doors.

That’s what technology can do.  Remember this, if you look in an old phone book, from 40 years ago, you will see that only about 15% of the businesses in that phone book are in business today.  Why is that?  I say its technology and leadership.  So let’s lead.

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